Richard Di Filippo & Family – Terrazzo

VENICE ART TERRAZZO CO., a family-owned business founded eighty years ago in 1934, has successfully employed creative members from four generations of the Di Filippo family. With each client, the Di Filippo family creates a customized, unique work, ranging from kitchen countertops to the expansive floor of an airport terminal or hospital lobby. Artistry, creativity, and design are all needed for a satisfied customer. The years of experience of the Di Filippo family and Venice Art’s workers ensure the style and elegance of marble and granite’s cousin at one-third the cost. Terrazzo has a sophistication you just don’t get in most other floors. Modern terrazzo techniques began with fifteenth-century Venetian marble workers who used odd-sized marble pieces remaining from custom-made marble slabs to create surface terraces. The techniques evolved over time, resulting today in an almost infinite variety of designs available for this beautiful, durable, and virtually indestructible material. One can hardly walk into an old building (and many new ones) in San Antonio without finding the Di Filippo family’s work underfoot.