Cisi Jary & Daughters – Paint & Finish Restoration Artists

CISI JARY, owner of Restoration Associates Limited, began business with the restoration of an opera house in Galveston, Texas in 1985. This soon led to a unique family business. Today, along with her two daughters, Elisa Jary Nieto, and Pamela Jary Rosser, the company is known around the country as the expert to hire for the restoration of historic paint. Cisi, who frequently visited her preservation-architect husband’s work sites, noticed that general paint contractors were doing the wall art—from gold leaf to ornamental plaster—and it wasn’t working. Cisi’s background in art, art history, and the history of architecture led her to believe she could save the historic paint and bring the decorative art back to its original glory by applying some of the same methodologies used to save and restore mural art and works on canvas. She likens the process to paint archaeology—removing the paint, layer by layer, using strong toxic chemicals, dating the layers chronologically, researching the chemical composition of the original paint, and recreating and applying paint as close to the original as possible. Cisi tells the artists working for her that no artistic license is allowed. The work belongs to the original artist, and their job is to preserve that work. With projects like the Aztec, the Alamo, and the missions behind them, Cisi knows there is always more to do: “It is so important for young people to know their heritage”.s)