Othon Garcés – Metalworker

OTHON GARCES, owner of Garcés Metal Specialties, is another craftsman following in his forebears’ footsteps. His grandfather was a blacksmith. Many skills are required to be a successful metalworker, especially in the area of restoration. From drafting to building models, to casting, cutting, and welding, each challenge is unique. Projects may require custom designing, even forging. Tools can range from the simplest hammer to large, expensive cutting machines using the latest technology. Othon’s artistry can be seen throughout South Texas, gracing such treasures as the McNay Art Museum, the Southwest School of Art, the St. Anthony Hotel, the Alamo, and the Witte Museum. Othon’s passion is transforming his vision into permanent metal constructions that transcend their sometimes pedestrian functions. Othon is concerned about passing on his skills: “This is a trade that I wish there were other people, men or women, that I can pass it on to.”