John Hall – Woodworker

JOHN HALL, owner of Bluegrass Inc., does business as Hallmark Cabinetry and Millwork. He grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and first came to San Antonio to attend Trinity University. He graduated with two degrees, one in business administration and one in economics, but he chose a career in building. His attention to detail and his fine craftsmanship have kept him in demand. His work is represented at the Alamo, the San Antonio Museum of Art, San Fernando Cathedral, and the Atascosa County Courthouse, among many other significant buildings in South Texas. The San Antonio Conservation Society has recognized John with the Lynn Ford Craftsman award for his lifelong achievements in historical preservation. For John, work on historical buildings often requires historical tools. Some date back as far as 1860 and have names like four-head moulders, louver groover, and sash sticker—all of which he repairs and keeps working. They help him recreate the functional and elegant woodwork of the past and create stunning new pieces that will be prized antiques long into the future.